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Network with Skipjack
Network with Skipjack
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Host Our Coast
Host Our Coast is the coolest job on the coast. Each year a contest is held to pick a blogger to come for the summer to live in and promote tourism in our area. Using new media technology they have fun while working very hard. image
Growing The Lower Shore Economy
Jerry Redden has been hard at work helping to grow the economy of the Lower Shore for many years as the director of Economic Development in Worcester County, and through his work with the Rural Development Center and now the Maryland Hawk Corporation. image
Coastal Hospice & Palliative Care
Coastal Hospice and Palliative Care has expanded with a new office and thrift shop in Worcester County. Maureen McNeill their director of development tells us all about it. image
The Lower Shore Land Trust
People who move to the Eastern Shore often do so because they have discovered what many generations here already enjoy: a rural community with wide open spaces and an abundance of natural beauty. Kate Patton is the executive director of the Lower Shore Land Trust which works to preserve those qualities for future generations. image
Community Supported Fisheries
Charlie Petrocci is an independent consultant who develops a wide variety of maritime and seafood heritage projects for both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. One of his current projects is the development of community supported fisheries here on the Eastern Shore.
The Delmarva Education Foundation
The Delmarva Education Foundation was the vision of one individual who cared about children getting a good start in life. Donald Harting, M.D., M.P.H., was the founder of the DEF. This video was taped just before his passing in early January of 2011. Dr. Harting's daughter, Kat Harting, is the Executive Director. image
The Delmarva Discovery Center
The Delmarva Discovery Center is the Lower Shore's newest museum and one of the pride and joys of Pocomoke City. It showcases the region's cultural and environmental heritage. image
Skipjack Rosie Parks Restoration
The Skipjack is a symbol of the Chesapeake Bay region its heritage, its people, and the way of life here. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland; has the most extensive collection of original Chesapeake Bay watercraft including the skipjack. image
Small Farm Outreach Initiative
The mission of the Small Farm Outreach Initiative at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is to provide education, training, and programs for small farmers here on the Delmarva Peninsula. The program concentrates mostly on the Lower Shore in Maryland and Virginia, but reaches into the upper shore and across the bay. Program director, Berran Rogers, Jr. grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Maryland Capital Enterprises
Maryland Capital Enterprises is a nonprofit business counseling service and micro lender serving Maryland's Eastern Shore. Haley Gallagher is the Executive Director, and Joe Morse is a Past Board Chairman & Special Advisor. image
The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce
You can't discuss business on the eastern shore without talking about Ocean City and the tourism industry. Melanie Pursel, the executive director of the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce knows this is an exciting place to work. image
University of Maryland Food Science & Technology Program
The seafood industry has long been important to the culture, heritage and economy of our region. So it is no surprise that the University of Maryland Eastern Shore has made it a priority with a graduate studies program and a state of the art research facility for food science and technology. Jurgen Schwarz is the director of the doctoral program there, which conducts research on food safety of local farm produce and seafood. image
Eastern Shore Farm Stands
Beyond the beach resorts and larger towns of Maryland's Eastern Shore you can still find a traditional farming community. Lisa Ludwig is the Projects Manager for the Lower Eastern Shore Heritage Council. One of their missions is to support the rural farm heritage of this region. image
Ocean City Development Corporation
The vision of the Ocean City Development Corporation is an economically sound and healthy town for residents, business owners, and tourists, while showcasing the character and charm of Ocean City Maryland's neighborhoods. Glenn Irwin, has been the executive director since the Ocean City Development Corporation's founding in the year 2000. image
The Hawk Children’s Fund
The Hawk Children's Fund is a student run charity created and managed by seniors at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Rick Gormley serves as faculty advisor for this project. image
US Orchid Laboratory & Nursery, Inc.
The squeaks and hum of machinery which you hear during this interview are the sounds of an automated greenhouse which is working all the time to provide just the right climate for the growing of orchids. This is the US Orchid Laboratory and Nursery which is located on the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. image
LATCOOP Cooperative, Inc.
Miguel Gutierrez is the general coordinator of Latcoop Cooperative Incorporated, a cooperative of Hispanic shops and restaurants on Delmarva. Latcoop is aimed at delivering products and services for the Latino community here on the Shore. Latcoop has member businesses in all three states on the Peninsula. image
Chesapeake Bay Region Technical Center For Excellence
John General is the CEO of the Chesapeake Bay Region Technical Center of Excellence, an organization dedicated to bringing business and technology to Maryland's Eastern Shore. image
Delmarva Low Impact Tourism Experiences Promotes Ecotourism On The Eastern Shore
Jim Rapp is the executive director of Delmarva Low Impact Tourism Experiences (DLITE), a long time member of the Skipjack network. Before he took this job in 2007, he ran the Salisbury Zoo, and was a long time supporter of DLITE. Watch the video to hear why he is a fanatic about travel on Delmarva. image
Meet Lisa Challenger - Director of Worcester County Tourism
Worcester County Tourism is a county agency which promotes local destinations and travel industry - and is a member of the Skipjack network. Tourism if vital to the economy of the Lower Eastern Shore so it has been an important priority of Skipjack and the Rural Development Center at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Lisa has been living in the area since 1987 and she loves her job. Watch the video to hear what she has to say. image


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